About Us


It is a great tragedy when young men and women become CYNICAL; this is because it marks their transition from knowing nothing, to believing nothing!

We, though young, believe in the potential of the African continent and it’s people.
We believe that if we make a conscious choice to save our own lives, we will make the world better for everyone else.
We believe in collective efforts; where everyone enthusiastically play their parts.
We believe in YOU to make the right decision. Yes, It’s about time we liberate ourselves from this mental slavery! It’s about time we as Africans stop pleading for accreditation from others.
We gave our “oppressors” access to our mind. We can take it back, because now we know better, so let’s do better!



VIM is a community oriented organization building a sense of forward thinking and positive mindedness in the African youth. We seek to address the challenges of the African continent through education, awareness creation, volunteerism, and knowledge sharing as a means of providing solution options for communities to realize how best their members can be viable assets to the development of their society.



To realize an inspired African youth effecting positive change in their personal lives, community, nation, continent and the world at large.