VIM Health Outreach Program (VIM-HOP)

The goal of the Health Outreach Program is to empower Africans of all ages to be champions of their own health and well-being.



For a person to be successful, happy and resourceful he/she must be well rounded in all aspects of life which includes health.

The growing prevalence of chronic diseases among the African population has reached epidemic proportions. Chronic/non-communicable diseases have some serious socioeconomic consequences on the individual, their family and subsequently, the nation, through increasing individuals and households’ impoverishment thereby hindering social and economic developments. Although chronic diseases are more common among older adults, they affect people of all ages and are now recognized as a major health concern around the world. Growing evidence indicates that comprehensive approach to prevention can save tremendous costs and needless suffering.
With broad based projects such as:

Health Screenings
Health discussions/ lectures
Brown bag medication workshops, and
Ask the doctor

VIM is inspiring positive change through education and awareness creation, expectantly to eradicate this epidemic from our communities.



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