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Project helps African youth become haymaking entrepreneurs

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- A project spearheaded by scientists in Penn State'sCollege of Agricultural Sciences and Uganda's Makarere University is helping African youths establish businesses and generate income. And these young people, in turn, are providing services that can help farmers improve dairy nutrition and increase milk production. This summer, Sjoerd Duiker, associate professor of soil management and applied soil physics, and Ephraim Govere,

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Africa’s Youth Riding the Wave of Technical Innovation

We often hear that it is tough growing up in today's world. It is fair to say that the challenges and pressures on young people are pretty relentless. Whether cultural, social or educational, that transformational period in a young person's life when he becomes an adult is full of pitfalls. Leveraging the powerful tools of modern communications is proving to bring voices of African youth closer to decision makers,.Voice Africas Future -- a campaign

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VIM Health Outreach

Join us, as we learn about one of the deadliest epidemics in our community - High Blood Pressure (Hypertension). Come let’s talk about ways we can manage the disease and preventive measures to eradicate it from our community.

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